We take your business where it will win hearts with a hands-on approach and an unashamedly organised process.

A special thanks to our close friends from the studio with who we frequently collaborate: Julie Barthélemy, Paack, Rémi Duriez, Pablo Heredia and Gaëtan Pautler.

También is our home. A place where life feels good, where you’ll meet all kinds of friendly people and where we work in shorts because weirdly enough, the beach always happens to be close.

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We created También as a life project, living, working and dreaming in sunny Barcelona (Spain).





The first thing you need to setup when you start a project

A style guide to creating pixel perfect websites

Website mockupWebflow interfaceWebflow interface

As a design lover and perfectionist, we decided to create a style guide that allow you to set guideline for your project and a column system to create pixel-perfect websites

Centralize your guideline


Create responsive version super fast


Allow respecting perfectly complex Figma prototype


A column system easy to understand


A super flexible system


This style guide is the base of all our projects; it allows use to set up superfast basics elements like typefaces, colors, buttons, links, and forms. But we also want to add all the classes we use for every project in this style guide, like all the flexbox, display overflow, and spacing. And the cherry on the cake, we create a column system to respect perfectly your Figma prototype.

Website made  with  Fluid responsive

rose island
heetch project

Any doubt? Let’s answer to everything


What are the prerequisites?

There is no prerequisites as we provide you a video who explain step by step how to setup the style guide, use the column system and use the BEM naming convention to have a streamline process


The style guide is available for all types of a column?

Yes, we create a style guide for every type of column. Going from 4 column to 12, you will find the style guide that fits with your design


Does it make the process more complicated?

No at all, this is style and the column system will help ou o have a clear organisation in your process which is essential in your build. We provide you a video who explain step by step how to setup the style guide.


How does this work with the client-first system?

Our style is an alternative to Client First but can be used with. For example, our column system can operate with Client First. It’s just prebuilt classes, so there is no problem at all